Hiring Great Event Staff

Hiring event staff at party and event venues is an investment in your company and it’s important to find the right mix of skills and abilities in the people you hire – whether they’re part of your day-to-day team or contracted for a specific event.

No business owner has single-handedly built a successful and sustainable business on their own and it takes a great team to thrive.

Create an ideal employee description – write out a description of the person you’re looking for that defines their work ethic, what skills they have and their job responsibilities.
Speak to your accountant so you know how to legally handle full- or part-time employees vs. contract employees.

To save time and help narrow your search, create an online application.This is a great way to see someone’s personality and their communication skills before you decide to meet them in person.
Reach out to your business contacts for referrals– often this results in the best candidates when you hire event staff.

Interview Questions To Ask During The Interview
Once you’ve identified who you’re looking for, it’s time to narrow your search and interview and screen the top candidates. Here are some questions to ask during the interview.

What area(s) of event planning do you need more improvement or training in?
How do you handle a situation when things don’t go as planned?
What makes you love coming to work everyday (or for each event)?
Describe a time when you were asked to do something you weren’t trained to do. How did you handle it?
What do you like to do in your free time?
Is there anything stopping you from working long hours, weekends, evenings or last minute?
Describe your event planning experience
What attracted you to this position?
How do you make decisions?
What are your strengths and how do you use them when planning an event or working for an event planner?

Retirement Party Ideas

For almost everyone, music is the key to many wonderful past memories. And it’s one of the easiest ways to host some retirement home musical entertainment! Take your residents on a walk down memory lane with a musical group.

1.Barbershop Quartet
With perfect pitch and harmony, a barbershop quartet can dazzle any crowd! They generally have a large repertoire of tunes from years past and love singing for older crowds. If your guests have a request, most groups are happy to oblige. And get ready to see the ladies swoon!

2. Boogie Woogie Tribute
The Boogie Woogie is best known for those who lived through World War II. With lively patriotic songs, they entertained troops and kept their spirits up during a tough time in our history! Show your veteran retiree how much their service has meant with a Wartime tribute act. Songs like “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and “Pistol Packin’ Mama” will keep the crowd swaying to the beat!

3. Gospel Group
Depending on the religious diversity of your guest, a Gospel group may be a meaningful performance for them. As people are nearing the end of their lives, faith begins to play a bigger part. Booking a Gospel group guarantees a great show!

4. Crooner
Crooners were king in the ’40s and ’50s, with their smooth voices and sultry songs. Some of the best artists in history came out of this era, including Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby. Your residents are sure to feel some nostalgia with a performer like this! Whether you want an actual Rat Pack show or just a Frank Sinatra tribute, these performers love an older crowd that appreciates their act.

5.Beach Boys Tribute
Gaining popularity in the 1960’s, the Beach Boys launched a new type of musical sound with their “surf songs.” Their killer harmonies and clever lyrics helped them rise to the top of the music charts. Booking a Beach Boys tribute band is definitely one of our more energetic ideas for retirement home entertainment! If you want to see your residents groove to the music, you can’t go wrong with the Beach Boys.

Plan wisely

When you’re first deciding how to plan an event there are many things you need to do.
There’s an overwhelming amount of information and action to take – especially if you’re looking online.

Event planning is the process of budgeting, scheduling, choosing a venue for your event, coordinating permits and licenses, arranging entertainment including bands and speakers, and meeting with caterers to choose a menu. The term event planning is used when planning party and event venues.

Event Management is the process of overseeing and managing the entire event from start to finish, including the event team and/or volunteers. Typically, event managers have more experience than a planner and manage the entire project. The term event management is usually used when referring to large-scale events like festivals, conferences, or concerts.

Regardless of which title you choose to give yourself, there are 3 key qualities that an event planner must have to succeed.

Time Management – you must be able to coordinate multiple schedules at once, in order to be a successful event planner.

Resourcefulness – thinking quickly on your feet is critical to planning events – no matter what size – because even the best laid plans don’t always go as planned and you’ll need to know how to seamlessly fix issues without your client or the event guests knowing.

Budgeting – one of the most important skills to have as an event planner, yet often ignored because many of us like the creative side of event planning more than dealing with the bottom line. However, in order to be a successful event planner and make a profit, you must know your numbers. If budgeting scares you, sign up for a class at a local college to learn the basics.

Knowing how to schedule and organise correctly can make for a wiser selection, and have better organisation at your event.

Cocktail Party protocol

Hosting a cocktail party for your next corporate event is a great way to switch it up from the usual mingling at the water cooler. Not sure where to start?

Whether or not you’re planning on having entertainment, chances are you’ll need to rely on rentals to pull off your party. Whether it’s tables, chairs, glassware, or other practical goods, make sure you have plenty of places for your guests to sit and chat, eat delicious hors d’oeuvres, and set down their drinks. Most catering teams will provide waiters to circle the room and collect empty glasses and plates. But it’s important to make sure your bases are covered so that your event is as clean and professional as possible.

Live entertainment is a great addition to any cocktail party. Depending on the nature or theme of your event, you might consider a String Quartet, Jazz Band, Cover Band, DJ, or other musical entertainment. Think about what types of entertainment would complement your party’s theme and keep spirits high!

When you’re choosing your venue, it’s also important to consider how formal you would like this event to be and if you’ll be having a theme. Granted, you can decorate most spaces to dress them up as much as you’d like. But if, for instance, you’re hosting a saloon-themed cocktail party, you might opt for renting out a bar or other rustic space over a sleek, modern ballroom.

It’s important to let the party-goers know if this event is formal or themed. That way, each guest can come dressed to the nines, in character, or business casual – however you see fit! Customised invitations are a great way to introduce your event’s theme or dress and ask for an RSVP.

Obviously a limited selection makes purchasing alcohol much easier, as you can plan your cocktail menu, determine how many drinks can be made from each bottle, and stock up accordingly. Hire a Professional Bartender and talk to them about your guest list and your preferences. They should be able to help you get a better idea of what to purchase. If you’re hosting a themed cocktail party, or want to have company-centric cocktails, ask your bartender to help create a special menu just for your party! Together, you can create the perfect list of cocktails to celebrate all of the hard work your company does.

Hire a Caterer to make and pass out hors d’oeuvres, or to set up a buffet table at your party. That way, guests will be able to eat as little or as much as they’d like throughout the event, while they mix and mingle with their co-workers.

Christening Entertainment

After the Christening ceremony many couples now opt for a family private party, complete with live music and children’s entertainers.

The christening or baptism of a baby or child stems from the Christian religious practices of immersing oneself in water to wash away sins (The Greek word ‘baptizo’ literally means to immerse, plunge, dip, or bury in water) and in later years the ceremony became associated with the taking of a name to symbolize new life. Adults may choose to be baptised later in life but whatever the age of the participant, the naming ceremony whether religious or otherwise is usually followed by a family celebration.

Make It Musical

Regardless of the size of your christening or naming-ceremony, musical accompaniment will both enhance the atmosphere and entertain your guests throughout the day.

Classical music such as string quartets, harpists and singers are popular choices for the ceremony, with jazz bands, swing bands & pianists proving good choices for the drinks reception afterwards.

If you will have a good number of children attending then it pays to hire entertainers to keep them occupied. Have a look on Red Masque’s Directory of Children’s entertainers, magicians and street entertainers. Also think about face paints & fancy dress costumes which are always a great way to keep them entertained.

Parties that stand out

How do you plan a Birthday Party that will really make an impression? How do you make it a special event that will stay in people’s memories for all the right reasons?

Birthday Party Entertainment Ideas

Birthday party fancy dress themes work really well, such as James Bond, Hawaiian, Phantom of the Opera, The Godfather, Alice in Wonderland, Hollywood Oscars Night or Wild West Theme.

It’s good to ensure there are plenty of attractions to keep guests talking and mingling so you could also consider casino tables which can tie in nicely with a James Bond theme, for example, and create a space for guests to meet, mix and break the ice. You could also hire some mix and mingle acts who will work the floor & get people talking.

For a rocking party, you could book a party band to play songs fitting to that theme or just a general rock and pop, ratpack / swing, soul or jive band to keep your guests dancing all evening long.

The tradition of holding a party to celebrate the anniversary of birth began centuries ago in Europe when it was feared that evil spirits sought out people on their birthdays. To protect them from harm, friends and family would gather around to bring good thoughts and wishes. Giving gifts brought even more good cheer to ward off evil spirits, and candles were placed on cakes to transport the birthday wishes directly to God.

Make A Party Great

When guests decide to get on the dance floor at a party, there’s a certain process involved of losing their inhibitions as they escape into the exciting world of music & lights. Memories and emotions can be ignited by the DJ’s choice of music and songs, often taking people back to their youth. What a great journey this can turn out to be if the DJ perfectly judges all the right tunes to play for your guests.

A good DJ should have a passion for all genres of music so that he can predict the response of people in the room when he plays certain classic songs from his collection. It is important for a DJ to read his crowd and he should instinctively know what kind of music will get people dancing. If you are providing a DJ with a playlist, it is advisable to allow the DJ some discretion to choose which tracks to play from your list and at what time to play them.

It is often surprising how late in the day, many people consider booking a DJ to provide their private party or entertainment despite how critical a great DJ is to the success of their event. This guide aims to help the first time booker understand what to look for when you hire a DJ, with tips and insights into how DJs work and what you need to do to get the best out of yours.

When guests share the dance floor it is similar to an audience laughing together at a comedian. Dancing helps people to unwind and relax and laughter relaxes muscles, boosts energy and triggers the release of feel-good chemicals. The feel good factor can also be promoted by the DJ if he plays positive uplifting music that is mainly found in songs written in the major keys.

It can be quite a challenge for a DJ to get guests dancing, especially early on at a corporate event where many of the guests might not know each other. Sometimes interaction over the microphone is required to help people feel more relaxed, and occasionally a little encouragement can be given to help create that essential party spirit.

There are a variety of different techniques which can be used and this is where DJ’s have varying styles and approaches. Some people like a DJ to be vocally interactive with their audience, whereas others prefer the more modern approach of minimal talking with the focus mainly on good music and taking requests.

Fail Proof Entertainment

If you choose a great event venue you won’t need to spend as much time dressing it up to look good. There are loads of interesting venues out there to suit a wide variety of styles and themes. Have a look at websites like www.venuefinder.com for venues in your area and visit before you hire. Remember that if guests are travelling from out of the area, it helps if the venue is easy to find. Consider how easy it is to find parking, and also how much accommodation is available near by.

Most people are happy to have a party DJ, but anyone who’s been to a party with a live band will tell you how much better the night was. We’ve even had brides tell us that the band ended up being the most crucial part of their whole wedding day, simply because they made the evening so unforgettable.

You need something to really get guests excited and live party bands do exactly that. They’re interactive, energetic and fun. Not everyone likes to dance, but with a great live band, performing the best classic and modern wedding party songs, even the most ardent anti-dancers will be rocking out, arm in arm, singing along on the dance floor with guests they only met a few hours ago.

It’s a small touch that really shows you care about welcoming your guests, and it ensures everyone feels positive as soon as they arrive. It’s your way to thank people for coming, and it gets people in the mood to party. In a practical sense, it also helps to alleviate the early queues at the bar, something which is sure to dampen spirits and cause frustration.

Some event venues will arrange for a member of staff to personally serve drinks as your guests arrive, or you can choose to have a selection of drinks available on tables near the entrance.

Ensuring the right entertainment

So, you have been planning your private party for ages and now the moment has come… the big day is now in sight! Of course, you already have an idea about your venue type, colour scheme, decoration and considered the entertainment. Ensuring you have the right entertainment can be the difference between a ‘good’ party and an unforgettable one! It’s important to keep your guests entertained throughout and it’s important you get it right, including picking the right venue to suit your plans.

Whichever entertainment you decide on, you need to make sure your venue can accommodate. Whether you have ideas on a party band, or dance troupe you need to ensure the venue suits the entertainment.

Some venues will have a stage or something similar, such as a raised part of the room. These are quite useful particularly if you want musicians or entertainment acts to be seen clearly by your guests.

The size of the stage is also important. If you planned on having a dance troop come and perform, you need to make sure the stage will be large enough to accommodate their routine and numbers.

Function bands are always a great form of entertainment as they can work as a brilliant ice breaker and really help to get your guests on their feet and dancing. If you have a function band in mind, you need to ensure not only that there is enough space for the band to perform,but plenty of space for your guests to get up and dance.

Other forms of entertainment such as closeup magicians or caricaturists only need space to move freely around tables, whereas more exotic forms of entertainment such as a fire dancer will need a large area for safety reasons.

Checking that your venue is accessible can sometimes be the make or break for your choice. It’s important your venue can be accessed by all. If you’re having a twelve-piece band but your venue is on the top floor of a building with no lift, it’s certainly not ideal for a band to carry all their instruments up. You need to make sure that any equipment or props your entertainment may need can be easily transported to your venue.

Stags and Hens

Nowadays it would be pretty unheard of to get married and not have a hen party or stag do in order to celebrate the final free moments before you tie the knot. Consequently we’ve heard of some pretty unusual hen party events along the way from perfume creation to go kart racing! But why is it called a hen party and why is it called a stag party? And where did these parties originate from?

A common misconception is that the terms ‘hen’ and ‘stag’ both originate from simple social stereotypes. In fact, it’s more likely that the word hen hasn’t always meant female chicken, in middle English, hen could mean the female of any bird and so a hen party was a party exclusively for ladies. Similarly, but going back even further, is the stag party, and you’ve guessed it, originally stag could mean the male of any animals, not just a male deer and so a stag party is one exclusively for gents.

So it turns out hen parties aren’t a creation of modern society and they actually go pretty far back. So where did the terms actually originate from? The tradition of the stag party, goes back even further certainly as far as tudor times. Just imagine how busy Henry VIII must have been with invites!

Numerous sources suggest that the very first stag party was actually held in the 5th century in Sparta, where a pre-marriage feast was held in order to toast the groom-to-be. On the other hand, hen celebrations have their roots more grounded in North African, Middle Eastern and Asian lifestyle. This is because the authentic phrase from which hens get together is believed to be henna, which is a wedding custom in all these cultures. Henna has significant importance in the East and is considered to have tendencies to be capable of purifying the bride and hold her risk-free from evil.

Here in the UK, we are somewhat on our own with our abstract names of hen and stag parties to see off the final moments of freedom. Australia is similar, but slight cultural differences mean that they call it hen party and buck party. Alternatively, America appears to be very vanilla in the naming of their pre-marital parties calling them a bachelorette party and a stag party respectively.

Whatever your background, there is no escaping the fact that marriage is possibly the most important decision of your life. So what better way to say goodbye to single life than to celebrate in style!