Wreck-It Ralph

If you are thinking of holding a Wreck-It Ralph party. Have no fear for we are here to help!

Circus Strongman
Perhaps the most obvious party entertainment booking for a Wreck-It Ralph theme is the booking of a strong man. Wreck-It Ralph is famed for his strength – in fact it’s essentially his one big character trait in the first film – so why not book a real life strongman for your event? From bending metal bars to breaking blocks, you are sure to be impressed!

Another no brainer when it comes to booking acts for a Wreck-It Ralph party – he is a video game character after all – Joypad video game hire is all about booking retro games to play at your event. From the Atari 2600 to the SNES, Sega and beyond, we guarantee that guests will be constantly coming back for more. Why obsess over the latest technology when there is so much fun to be had with 8-bit and 16-bit games? Whisper it, you may even be able to book the 64-bit N64!

Mash Machine
If you want to combine technology with fun, the Mash Machine is a must. Essentially a music creation station, guests move pieces onto the machine to create their own tune. The best bit? You can use whatever you like to work with the machine and even download your music afterwards. Why not have the characters from the film moving about a top the machine!?

Sweet Caterers
Fans of the first film may remember that a big part of the movie is the video game Sugar Rush, which features an edible landscape for all to enjoy. Thankfully there are numerous acts that can provide edible treats and even though Willy Wonka doesn’t exist, this is the next best thing! Tasty air emanates from these magical edible mist orbs and there are also options for chocolate fountains, chocolate taps, popcorn in any flavour and much more!

Costumed Characters
Last but not least, it’s the most obvious Wreck-It Ralph booking of the lot; Costumed Characters. Whether you’d like to book Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Jr or Vanellope von Schweetz, it’s all possible. Why not go the extra mile with some more theme ideas including wall murals and more?
We hope this gives you some idea of what you can achieve with a Wreck-It Ralph themed party and we hope you enjoy the new film!