Playing Cards to solve crimes

Playing cards are seen with pretty much every party magician and you have probably learned or been the witness to a very clever card trick at some point or another. But did you know they can help solve crimes?

The idea behind using playing cards to help solve crimes isn’t necessarily a new one but it’s never been used in such a way before now. Back in the early 2000s, the US military infamously handed out decks of playing cards to troops with the faces of important people involved in the Iraq war. After enjoying a bit of time off playing cards, the idea was that the troops may well recognise a face when out on patrol and take down the 4 of Clubs (to give an example picked at random!)

In 2013, the state of Florida decided to copy this idea, replacing the faces of the playing cards with the faces of murder victims. We know, it’s all rather macabre for this blog, especially considering our jazz murder fact a couple of weeks ago! But this is a fascinating fact and we just can’t help but share. Each playing card of ‘Cold Case Cards’ look like the ones posted above and they retail for a couple of bucks, often being the only deck of cards available to bored prison inmates at the penitentiary shop.

But why bother? The answer of course is in the phrase ‘loose lips sink ships’. When inmates play with one another or perform a magic trick for others, somebody might spot a face that they recognise or recall some information that another inmate may have bragged about previously. Realising that the information they now hold could result in their own reduced jail time, these inmates pass on the facts to a warden and the crime may very well be solved.

The idea of putting the face of victims of crime on playing cards has been a definite success with many other states taking up the scheme and according to the New York Post, over 40 crimes being solved since their introduction. Amazingly two murders were solved in the space of a week just last year!

Use entertainment to sell a product

Work Out What You Want
Have a think about what your unique selling point is and how best you can draw attention to that in an original way. If there’s a certain audience you’re after then focus on that at this stage too. Graphologists are cool but it’s difficult to convince sixteen year olds who may well prefer Weapons of Junk.

Get Creative
At the ideas stage, nothing matters. To put it another way, everything does. You see, there is no such thing as a bad idea when you’re looking at a product launch and everything should be considered. Even the bad taste ideas could bring your brand a little promotion through the Chip Shop awards some time down the line. Moreover, you never know which awful idea will inspire the one that you ultimately end up going with. Don’t follow the crowd, think outside the box and allow your mind to run free!

How Will It Be Seen?
It’s not just the idea of your advert that needs to work but ultimately, it also has to be seen or else there was no point coming up with such a creative idea in the first place. Maybe come up with a unique hashtag that can get people engaged? Or maybe even launch an inspired competition involving your entertainment in some way. It pays to be creative but remember that means nothing unless people see it.

Create an Event Around the Product
People enjoy feeling special. Is there perhaps a way that you can create an event and use your choice of entertainer in an impromptu performance to launch the ad? Think about the current trend of secrecy – UberLIVE, Secret Cinema – much of the public love being invited to a showcase but not being entirely sure what to expect. If you pick the right venue, and use the main act on the night, you can rest assured there’ll be a flurry of social media activity.

However, you want to promote or launch your product, the best event entertainment can be a great way of doing so. Take a tour of the site and see if anything ignites a spark.

Book a cartoonist for a conference

When it comes to booking entertainment for a conference, there are a whole raft of options available to event organisers. Naturally the speakers and host for the day will have to be worked out far in advance but as far as everything else goes, there is quite a lot of leeway as far as the rest of the conference goes.

Many clients for conferences like to book party entertainment for when guests arrive or to break up the day. Sometimes they will book an interactive form of entertainment to enhance teamwork amongst the conference attendees or perhaps book a strolling act – a magician or caricaturist to keep things light and fun. Today though, we thought we would offer up a unique form of entertainment that has proven to be a hit at innumerable conferences and corporate days.

You can book Alex Hughes the cartoonist to bring a completely new form of entertainment to your event. Sitting in a corner for the day, Alex will pay close attention to the goings on at the conference and draw up to 25(!) cartoons that sum up the occasion. From topical moments where things might go wrong to key phrases that encompass a particular speaker, there is a lot to enjoy and the best bit is, you can put a camera on Alex throughout, ensuring that everybody sees his sketches as and when he comes up with them.

Once the conference is over and everybody has gone home, the conference organisers or company responsible for putting on the event get to keep the original drawings to frame in offices and Alex will digitally scan each and every one when he draws them, with his clients able to use their drawings for whatever reason they see fit from that moment on.

A truly excellent and different choice for conferences and corporate events, we highly recommend booking Alex Hughes for your next event.

Happy Halloween!!

It has to be said that for a Halloween party, you have to get people in the mood. You can’t have someone walk up all smiles and simply sampling the canapés, oh no! What you need is a few scares here and there before they even reach their welcome drink. In order to do this, we highly recommend a freaky meet and greet act that can create a whole host of incredible characters that are guaranteed to give you the shivers.

Moving on from your meet and greet, it’s now time to get stuck into the party. Perhaps a few themed actors running through some classic scenes from your favourite horror movies could be a big hit, though make sure that they are very well known; you don’t want a guest fainting from the fright as a slasher villain rocks up and nobody knows who they are meant to be.

Interactive strolling entertainment is a classic way for Halloween parties to really make their mark. From stilt walkers to magicians, everyone can get dressed up and go a little macabre for the evening. Magicians love a bit of fire whilst a few mentalism scares are guaranteed to get the guests talking! Strolling bands are also not averse to a bit of costuming!

How best to remember the proceedings from the night before? With a photo booth of course! There are a number of options when it comes to booking a photo booth from ones that provide props, logos, theming and more. You can even book a photo booth that adds a three dimensional feel or gif to the final shot.

There are so many ways to put on the perfect Halloween party and we hope this blog has made you think when it comes to booking party entertainment for your scary event this October.

May the force be with you

Star Wars never goes out of fashion so here’s a few ideas to get you started as you ponder whether you should go as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo or Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Upon entering the party, have a drink – a Star Wars cocktail perhaps? – at your Star Wars themed bar before venturing on and sampling the entertainment. Hopefully this won’t be in a galaxy far, far away but fairly close by.

As you meander through your hired event venue, you might begin to notice a few recognisable faces. Whether you’ve gone for lookalikes or costumed characters, a Star Wars party is only really complete when you feel as though you’re in amongst the action. Other Star Wars party ideas might include an area to duel with lightsabers.

Naturally upon entering the party, you’ll be wanting to experience the delight of Star Wars from the get-go with a string quartet playing the Star Wars theme. This has worked at many previous film-themed events. It gets people in the mood to have fun and more importantly, puts them in the right mindset for what is going to be a thrilling experience.

We love a BB-8 inflatable balloons, naturally you can always pick someone else from The Force Awakens, but BB-8 is quite clearly the cutest choice. And once that’s done, you can savour the memory of the occasion by basking in the glory of a Star Wars Photo Booth.

And finally, as the party is fully underway, it might be an idea to ask your party band to turn up the music and play the ultimate song. Enjoy your evening and ‘May the Force be with you’!!!

Game of Thrones

Tourists love London. And who can blame them when we have a building on the north bank of the River Thames which goes by the full title of Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London.

What if you wanted to have your very own ‘Game of Thrones’ game and wanted a little medieval entertainment to tie in with the theme of your corporate event? Strictly speaking, the fantasy epic isn’t set within the medieval world but strangely enough, Westeros entertainment isn’t really a thing unless you count the cutting of heads and gruesome events like the red wedding.

Why not hire some utterly brilliant circus entertainment for parties in the form of a few acrobats, who are dressed as court jesters for the duration of the event? Such a sight is truly a marvel to behold – jesters in the Tower of London in 2018!? – which will go down an absolute storm no doubt, or how about a similarly dressed contact juggler entranced those who watch. There’s something mystical about a contact juggler and the way their act works. They’re truly impressive to watch and highly recommended if you’re on the search for unique entertainment.

Don’t stop there, why not hire some musicians, classical would be more apt dressed in traditional Game of Thrones dress. Lastly, but by no means least you could provide a fortune teller because whether you’re a Stark or a Lannister, it’d be pretty great to know what was coming.

If you fancy hiring the Tower of London for a corporate event or if you are interested in medieval Game of Thrones entertainment or something completely different then be sure to look around our website to get some more ideas!!

Throw a Private Detective party

Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes or do you love a good detective series? Whichever person you are; you’ll still love our fabulous ideas to create an unmissable Sherlock Holmes party theme.

Silhouette Artist
These amazing silhouette artists can even cut in various props should you desire them. So yes, every guest could be posing with a Sherlock themed prop if you so wanted! All that’s required is paper, scissors and a little time to stand still and your guests can go home with a wonderful original prop to remind them of the evening!

Eyecon Art
Eyecon Art is one of the coolest new acts on the entertainment events circuit. Sitting down with your guests, a photographer will take a photo of your eye, which you can then be sent at a later date. Now in terms of looking for clues, it’s all about seeing the bigger picture…and who hasn’t seen a famous drawing of Sherlock Holmes with a magnifying glass to his eye?

This game basic format allows for a variety of guests to ultimately solve a crime through a variety of team building activities. Do you have what it takes to be a resident of 221b Baker Street or are you resigned to simply writing about the case in a style of Rd. Watson?

Aside from cracking crimes, Sherlock Holmes is also known for his love of music, in particular gazing out at London’s clientele whilst playing a good old-fashioned violin. a violinist will no doubt go down a storm at your Sherlock party.

Costumed Character
Now what about putting that violinist into a costume? We can see it now. Deerstalker hat? Pipe? Whether you’re thinking the old fashioned version of Sherlock Holmes or the new Benedict Cumberbatch infused creation, we’re more than confident that tweed will get a look in. But which other characters should be present? Rd. Watson? Mrs. Hudson? An appearance from Moriarty wouldn’t go amiss either.

If you’re holding a Sherlock Holmes party or have been inspired by some of the various acts, then do have a look at our party themes on our website to inspire you even more!

Entertainment for your award ceremony

Let’s take a look at how you can have our very own awards show, and how to make it extra special and fabulous ways to improve the awards evening using event entertainment.

Cocktail Maker
Why not make getting a drink a little bit more fun than usual? The easy way to do this is to hire a few cocktail makers who understand the art of theatrics and entertainment in putting together a cocktail. It is not simply pouring a few liquids together but perhaps setting it alight, throwing it up and down and adding an umbrella at the end.

Vintage Paparazzi
With vintage paparazzi at your event, everybody will get their photo taken and feel like their privacy is being invaded just like the celebrities you see in the paper. Great fun and you’ll get to sigh with relief that it doesn’t happen to you every day!

Live Show
This is pretty obvious but many people don’t really ever think about it, despite the fact that every famous awards show tends to begin with an exciting opening. Simply look on Twitter the day after a big awards bash and no doubt an eight-minute host – a massive song and dance routine will have had the crowd in raptures. You might not have the budget to hire ​James Corden ​, but there are always other options. An indoor fire display is sure to get the pulse racing ahead of the nominations.

Awards Stings
We’ve all seen awards shows on television and to be honest, they all do the same frustrating thing when somebody wins an award. The lucky winner stands up, hugs a few people nearby and then proceeds to the stage whilst a brass band play. A brass band? This is 2018! Let’s liven it up a bit. If you hire a beatbox crew, you get an astonishing slice of entertainment every few minutes.

We have the hottest acts

Here at Red Masque we think we have some of the best acts for your party which will capture your imagination. So, what are the best of the best for corporate event entertainment for your next corporate event in 2019?

Red Masque directory have the hottest trends and acts for corporate, and company parties to ensure your VIPs are very impressed and your boss is very happy.

Aerialists use aerial circus and dance theatre with dynamic lighting and music to create evocative shows using trapeze, ropes and silks. Available as a solo artist for smaller venue, or as large a troupe as you wish, their show can be tailored to create the atmosphere you require, whether humorous, quirky, elegant. With a range of associated acts, including aerial champagne pouring, we are sure you will find your perfect act on our website.

Circus act entertainers have given the world of corporate entertainment a whole new generation of aerial artists, defying gravity to present unique. Even if you haven’t got a skyscraper to use as your stage, these circus-inspired artists can perform in almost any space, for any corporate event.
Add in some more celebrity lookalikes. Everybody wants to be pictured with the stars of today, especially if there is a hot female lookalike!!!

Bespoke dance groups provide a superb spectacle that transcends language, and can be precisely tailored to your corporate event theme. From ballet dancers to contemporary rock dancers, your guests can enjoy a show full of energy, passion, augmented by state of the lighting and sound systems.

Whatever the occasion, you’ll find a dance troupe to suit; that can offer themed events such as Arabian Nights, Argentine Tango, Burlesque, Flamenco, Irish Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, and Vegas Showgirls for example.

Make it a surprise

Red Masque party and event entertainment directory have a whole lot of choice if you want to make your event unforgettable. Discover what surprise entertainment we offer and how they’ll positively impact your event!

Anything is possible when you want to plan a surprise party. You may have spent months trying not to let the cat out of the bag, but have you considered when they get to the party what other things you can do to surprise them??

When you’re planning an event, you want to keep your guests and the main guess entertained throughout, so the energy and enjoyment never dips. Giving them something new just when they are least expecting it is a great way to create a buzz, and to give guests something to talk about apart from the food or the football! And nothing fits the bill quite like a surprise act, be it singing waiters, firemen, or chefs.

One great idea would be a hire a comedy musician where he or she is all set up to play some classical music to entertain your guests. They start to play all the wrong notes and your guests start to laugh embarrassingly at the artist that has been hired, (a bit like Les Dawson) It’s a great way of breaking up a meal and giving your guests something hugely entertaining when they are least expecting it!

What your guests see, of course, is just the end product of a great deal of planning and preparation. Professional entertainment acts make sure that everyone behind the scenes is in the know and fully prepared, while the real guests haven’t a clue what’s going on! It’s also about preparing a scenario that is perfect for your event.