Photography Entertainment

When it comes to booking entertainment for events and parties around London, clients often opt for a photo booth. If you think back to any event that have attended over the past 12 months, we guarantee that there was at least one photo booth for use at one of these events. Everybody likes them and they’re great… But what if they could be improved? That’s where Staged Photography comes in!

Staged Photography will require a little more room than a photo booth. Most booths can take up a small space in the corner of your venue, while a Staged Photography takes up quite a bit more space than that. But here’s the thing, you won’t mind because you want people to notice this amazing form of entertainment. You want people to have an incredible photo taken against the backdrop that you have chosen for your event!

The backdrops are what this is all about. You can pretend you’re in a horror movie, a Venetian ball, a rainforest. Pretty much any photo is possible with these backdrops. All you have to do is book Staged Photography, state the background you’d love to see on your photo and that’s it. Come the day of your event, the incredibly immersive – “Is it 3D?” – backdrop will be unfurled and you’ll be stunned at the realism. Even more so when you join the picture later on!

Just like a photo booth, photos are available almost immediately so you can take your home your entertaining snap for use however you please. Want it digitally? That’s not a problem either! A truly brilliant form of entertainment.

Madame Tussauds

Situated right in the heart of London, the venues offers five themed areas that can host events with up to 1,000 guests. Each event space can be adapted to suit your events exact requirements making it an ideal location for corporate events, private parties, presentations, gala events and press conferences.

Madame Tussauds Famous for its incredible wax works of celebrities and royalty from around the world, Madame Tussauds is also an award winning themed venue that has been hosting high-profile events for over fifty years.

The World Stage Ballroom was designed to impress with a grand stage, back projected screen, full lighting rig and plasma screens. LED lighting can be programmed to display specific colours to suit your corporate identity or theme. The largest space in Madame Tussauds, it is perfect for a whole host of corporate events and can even accommodate smaller events with adjustable and removable walls that can be used to create a more intimate space.

Not forgetting that this venue’s main attraction is its spectacular collection of wax works, guests can walk through over 200 years of history and with the museum-style ropes and poles gone they can also get up close and personal with historical icons, A-list celebrities and sporting legends. Not only is Madame Tussauds a great venue for corporate events but it also offers team building exercises and incentives: staff also have the chance to go behind the scenes and see how a waxwork is made at Madame Tussauds, ride through London’s history in a mini black cab and battle with Marvel Super Heroes in a 4D movie experience!

A popular choice for high-profile celebrity launches, Madame Tussauds is an impressive event space twice voted the UK’s number 1 favourite venue! No entertainment is more apt to accompany your event at this exclusive venue than one of our lookalike tribute bands. Alternatively why not invite 007 to entertain guests, as he poses for photos and suavely mingles with guests.

Venues for events

The Floating Cinema
This is one of London’s top 8 coolest art venues in 2013, the floating cinema is now available for private venue hire offering a unique event space for product launches, corporate away days, film shoots and special occasions.

This intimate venue has a capacity of 12 passengers when cruising and 20 people standing while static. The Floating Cinema is a purpose-built wide beam barge with a flexible ‘whitespace’ auditorium that offers a unique and original experience for guests. The space can be easily reconfigured to accommodate meetings and team building sessions. As a cinema it offers state of the art high-spec lighting and surround-sound facilities, a fully equipped cinema auditorium space and a stunning central viewing deck from which guests can enjoy a new perspective of London’s most iconic views.

Beach Blanket Babylon
Is a decadent venue in trendy Shoreditch perfect for exclusive events and celebrations with an impressive capacity of up to 800 people. The venue has a number of opulent event spaces on offer that lend themselves perfectly to stylish corporate networking events, cocktail receptions, corporate event dinners, gala events, conferences and fashion shows.

The Champagne Lounge is ideal for private parties of up to 300 guests with rich wooden surrounds, decadent mood lighting and unique decorations. The Gallery offers a versatile self-contained space, with rustic wooden floors and white walls it is the perfect blank canvas for conferences and exhibitions and can hold up to 175 guests. The Mezzanine and The Bar are both gorgeous spaces; The Mezzanine elegantly holds up to 70 guests while the vibrant cosmopolitan bar holds up to 250 guests.
To complete the look and enhance the atmosphere Red Masque entertainment have a few Swing and Jazz bands on our books from London to provide standout musical entertainment that will.

The Warner Bros Studio in London
Home to Harry Potter film sets – offers an exciting event space not just for fans of the Harry Potter franchise. Corporate event organisers can choose to host exclusive dinners and award ceremonies in the Great Hall, sip cocktails and tankards of butter beer in the Three Broomsticks, and host networking events in Dagon Alley.

What better entertainment to accompany a corporate event in the place where Harry Potter was filmed than a string quartet that will create an atmospheric setting fit for the Harry Potter films and could even play the film franchise’s iconic theme tune!

Ice Venue

The Ice bar will give your guests an experience that will be a talking point for months to come. Ideal for receptions, hen and stag parties and even team building exercises as staff brave the environment with an icy cocktail in hand! After the 40 minute session you can recline in warmer areas outside of Ice bar. They can dine on delicious dishes in the restaurant which has a capacity of up to 180 guests standing. Enjoy drinks and canapés in the smaller lounge with space for 45 guests or the ground floor cocktail bar for up to 70 guests.

This is one of the most unique party venues that London has to offer; just off Regent Street. As the name suggests this stunning venue is made completely out of ice – the walls, bar, tables and even the glasses – kept at -5 degrees all year round, this venue isn’t just a seasonal occurrence.
Using the clearest ice, a team of skilled ice designers and sculptors create this stunning ice landscape, which is completely reinvented once a year. Sessions are booked in 40 minute time slots due to the low temperature inside the venue and guests are given thermal gloves and capes to wear when experiencing this amazing environment!

London is one of the world’s most multicultural cities offering a whole host of exciting attractions and activities that you won’t find anywhere else. Amongst the bustling streets is a treasure trove of unique venues perfect for hosting corporate events and private functions. You can look forward to venues with stunning Birds Eye views across the city, boudoir-style cabaret clubs, a floating cinema and the UK’s only permanent ice bar and to name only a few…

No corporate event is complete without entertainment to impress and engage staff. Red Masque entertainment directory has a number of walkabout acts that would fit perfectly with this cool venue. Our canapé girls will look right at home wrapped in elegant furs handing out mini oeuvres will add to the winter atmosphere and create a great talking point.

Great London event venues

Great venues in London to hold your event…
Café de Paris offers a great position by bustling Coventry Street. From the moment you step through the doorway you are transported into another world seemingly hundreds of miles away from the modernity of the city above.

Home of cabaret and fine dining since 1929 Café de Paris is still regarded as one of London’s best cabaret venues. Retaining many of its unique original features, it truly is a spectacular and opulent venue – sweeping staircases, ornate finishes, glittering chandeliers and an exquisite ‘Titanic’ ballroom all add to the club’s naughty but nice feel.

Despite the venue’s antique look it houses state of the art sound, light and staging facilities capable of catering to even the most demanding of shows. Its versatile event space can be used in a multitude of different ways: standing events, seated dinners, dinners and dances, and theatre style shows. With a capacity of 180 to 715 people, a mezzanine level and VIP room it is a unique location for product launches, award ceremonies, presentations, incentive events and champagne receptions.

Another venue to consider With a rather ‘strange name’ this venue is one of London’s hottest new places to go called ‘The Mayor of Scaredy Cat’ This is located on Artillery Lane in central London guests have to enter this unusual venue by walking through a Smeg fridge – all you have to do is ask to see ‘The Mayor’!
Before journeying down through the Smeg fridge to see the Mayor guests can enjoy a delicious meal in the restaurant. Of course it is the basement bar that is the main attraction; the interior is a mix between industrial chic with bare brick walls and exposed ceilings and light fixtures, and rustic charm with high wooden tables and stools and even a stuffed deer’s head on one of the walls! Their intriguing cocktail menu is just as novel with delights like ‘Basil-No-Faulty’ and ‘Rosie and Gin’ on offer. The menu also informs guests about some of the rules of this quirky venue, including the method of exiting the bar, which we are told, is just as entertaining as the entrance!

The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town can be hired exclusively for private events and makes a really unique venue that will be sure to impress guests no end.

Red Masque directory has the best cabaret style entertainment for Café de Paris where a burlesque dancer wouldn’t go amiss along with some authentic dancers to really wow your guests.

The Greatest Show

The Greatest Showman is undoubtedly the hit of the year so far with a soundtrack that has broken records for its longevity in the chart. People just cannot get enough of The Greatest Showman. With this in mind, we thought it might be good to offer a few entertainment options for a themed event that focuses around the film. That’s right, prepare yourself for some truly excellent Greatest Showman party ideas!

Ringmaster (Costume)

How can you be The Greatest Showman? Party ideas should obviously begin with you or someone else becoming Hugh Jackman for the evening. Book a Ringmaster costume to get things going in the right direction. If you don’t have a huge budget then this is the one circus entertainment prop you absolutely have to spring for because in truth, imagination and some top dance moves might be able to do the rest!


You have a few friends that want to learn some of the key dance moves from the film. You don’t really want to have to trawl YouTube and pause every seconds to learn the main movements. What can you do? Book dancers of course! Yes, our trained professionals can choreograph winning sequences that are sure to impress everybody at your Greatest Showman event. Looking for some guests to get involved? That shouldn’t be a problem either. Party ideas don’t get much better than this!


At its heart, The Greatest Showman is a painting of Barnum and his invention of the circus. You might not be able to book aerial silk dancers, bearded ladies or Zac Efron but what you can do is book acrobats for your event. The Greatest Showman theme lends itself to the opportunity for you to call it The Greatest Party. So book circus performers and watch the wide-eyed wonder of guests take over.

A Cappella Choir

The highlight of your event should clearly be a flash mob style dance that comes together in the centre of the venue, which has been transformed into a circus ring, and everybody singing ‘This Is Me’ at the top of their lungs whilst two trapeze artists swing above.

At the very least, a sing-through of ‘This Is Me’ by a cappella collective Belt Up will definitely bring the house down.

Russian party ideas

If you want to have a Russian themed event, here are some great entertainment ideas for your party..

Cossack Dancers

Perhaps the most obvious option for your event, book Cossack dancers for a fabulously Russian experience! Able to perform a choreographed performance that is guaranteed to have guests thinking that they too can accomplish this most difficult of dances, they are the most sought after Russian entertainment act. Oh and don’t try to copy what you see; the dancers only make it look easy because they are professionals!

Ballet Performance

If you had to list famous Russian or Russian entertainment, we feel that Tchaikovsky would be quite high up on your list. Whether you prefer Swan Lake or The Nutcracker is immaterial because ballet dancers can perform both! How better to pay homage Russia than by enjoying a bespoke five to ten minute performance of a ballet in a stunning venue?

Moscow State Circus

Okay, we aren’t advising that you book the entire Moscow State Circus but many excellent circus performers are Russian and we can highly recommend booking an aerial silk artist, aerial hoop artist, an acrobat, etc. Booking circus acts always ensure shocked faces and a roar of applause so you can’t go wrong!


Okay, so this one is a bit of a joke entry due to the links between the UK and Russia in the news over the past six months or so! That being said, booking CSI is a great idea if you are looking for a team building activity that is also great fun. Climb into your Silent Witness-style jumpsuit, learn how to search for fingerprints and solve the crime! Unlike any other form of entertainment that we put out, booking CSI is a must!

Strolling Entertainment

If you’re planning entertainment for an event or party, be it corporate or private, strolling entertainment may well enhance your event far beyond what you first envisaged.

When people first think of hiring event entertainment, they normally think of having a band at the end of the room, blasting out a variety of hits from the 60s to the 80s. If a band isn’t in the budget, then perhaps a DJ, who will remain static as they whirl through a selection of pop hits. But not many people seem to appreciate how fantastic strolling entertainment can be.

From acoustic bands to strolling classical duos, there is certainly something for everyone. It ensures that nobody misses out and everybody gets seen. And there’s more than just music!

Caricaturists can ensure that a good number of guests will walk away with a memento from your day, whilst silhouette artists have to be seen to be believed. They literally walk around the party with some tiny scissors and black card, before snipping this way and that way for just a few minutes. Before you know it, there’s an incredible likeness of yourself suitable for framing. Amazing!

In this social media age, everybody always wants to be taking pictures and sharing things over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Are you more likely to get people doing that and chatting at how amazing the entertainment is with a function band in the corner or with a circus acrobat effortlessly lifting one of your colleagues into the air and posing for the snap? Exactly.

Entertainment should be at the centre of your event and can be a fabulous idea for enhancing any occasion. Be it weddings – where the entertainment can form the icebreaker

So next time you’re thinking about a band and hey, they are perfect for certain events, why not add in a little strolling entertainment whilst you’re at it?

Blue Jokes

As anybody who likes comedy will tell you, you’re in for an interesting night when the comedian starts doing their ‘blue’ material. A blue joke is referred to when the comedian says something a little risqué or dirty, but where does the term come from?

So far as we can tell, the term originated in the 20th century, so it hasn’t been on people’s lips for too long. As with so much of entertainment, we can be justly proud that the phrase originated in the UK, primarily under the performances of Max Miller, a comedian that was widely known as ‘The Cheeky Chappie’ and revered by many to be the greatest stand-up comedian of his generation.

Brighton born and bred, Miller made films, toured music halls and sang and recorded his own original comic songs. Known for his charm and flamboyance, he was often in trouble with the censors of the time for his controversial risqué material, which is where the blue joke comes from!
The laws on censorship were strict during the years that Miller was performing; he was hugely famous in the 30s and 40s and died in 1963, so his material could only be approved by the Lord Chamberlain in London and local watch committees in other parts of the UK. However, if he left out the last work in a naughty rhyme or used innuendo, he could get away with much more saucy material than he otherwise would have been allowed.

Impressively, he proudly announced during his career that he had never once told a dirty joke onstage, presumably believing that if you leave out the last word, it’s all in your head (in fact he’d often say “I know exactly what you are saying to yourself, you’re wrong, I know what you’re saying. You wicked lot. You’re the sort of people that get me a bad name!”

So where does the ‘blue’ joke phrase come from? In one of Miller’s acts, he’d take out a white book and a blue book, asking the audience to pick which one he should use for jokes that evening. The white was full of pure jokes with an innocence to them. Conversely, the blue jokes were full of risqué material. As one might expect, they most often voted for the blue material.

Getting the entertainment just right

Sometimes you need some inspiration and here’s a real story of what somebody hired from Red Masque Directory to liven up their private party!

“I was searching for some kind of fun and unexpected entertainment for a birthday party for my Grandfather’s 80th. We were having live party band after dinner but I wanted something to kick off the party with a spark of fun after everyone arrived.

Our family knew that Grandad adored Frank Sinatra. I took the opportunity of hiring a celebrity lookalike; and I was very glad I did. I had the opportunity of talking to the act before and to go through all the particulars. The act told me he was rehearsing for a theatrical play in the West End and told me about all the other roles he has been involved with.

When my Grandad’s 80th birthday arrived. I was so excited when the party entertainer to came in, when he walked into the party there was definite ‘stage presence’ he engaged with my Grandad and his stage act dance was so authentic. He loved every minute of it.

A group picture was taken with the Frank Sinatra lookalike surrounded by all our guests.
One of our guests, who is 85 years old, came up to my party entertainer lookalike to tell him he had met the real Frank Sinatra. He was gracious and listened to her story all the while keeping in character.

We knew we found someone special in this act. He was not only charismatic, young and talented; he was charming and a delight to work with!

Well done Red Masque and of course Frankl!!!